About Us

The Holberton Database Club is a student club at Holberton School composed of like-minded data storage enthusiasts

Who doesn't love data? We know we do. That's why we formed the Holberton Database Club. The club allows members and non-members to get geeky about data. The club hosts talks, social events, interviews with local professionals, and hack days.

Membership in the club is restricted to Holberton students, staff, and Alumni. However, all articles and interviews are open to the public as are certain events.

Rules and Bylaws

While too many rules can strangle an Organization, we felt it best to a lay down some organizing rules and a few guiding princples.


Each campus's chapter opporates independently as regards events and chapter meetings. This allows for more flexibily around meeting time and allows for a greater diversity of topics pursued. Each campus chapter can have their own rules and officers.

Officer duties

Don't get too excited. It's more work than prestige.

Officers are in charge of reviewing submitted articles, maintaining the code base for this page (including managing contibuters pull requests, etc.), reviewing proposed additions to the website, planning and setting up an club-wide events.

Resarch Topics and Articles

If you've got something cool you've found a topic you want to develop into a an article, that's awesome! The general process for getting it published in the articles page of this website is as follows:

  1. Read about it
  2. Discuss it with peers
  3. Write about it
  4. Submit it to a club officer
  5. Club Officers will give editorial notes and/or approve
  6. The article is published to the website
  7. Share with everyone you know
  8. Brag that you're published to absolutely everyone you know

Topics can be nearly anything as long as they tie into data, data storage, or some adjacent topic

Club-Wide Events

About twice a year, the club will put together an event that will involve all the chapters across the world. This might take the form aof a hack day or a mini-conference. Watch the events page for details.

Attitude and Demenor

Don't be a jerk!

Holberton is a worldwide network of campuses. While it should go without saying, we will reaffirm that

bullying, insults, or any kind of discrmintory language or behavoir will not be tolerated

and any reported incidents will be reported to campus staff.

Current Officers

Tony Sims | Tulsa | Officer-at-Large
Tabitha O'Melay | San Fransisco | Vice President
Jacob Ide | Tulsa | President
Derek Webb| Tulsa | Staff Sponsor


  • San Francisco

  • Tabitha O'MelayVice President

  • Frank Bullitt

  • Martin Bishop

  • Sam Spade

  • Tulsa

  • Jacob IdePresident

  • Tony SimsOfficer-at-Large

  • R J Fletcher

  • Corbin Enterline

  • France

  • Charles De Gaulle

  • Paul Bocuse

  • Victor Hugo

  • Julien Ide

  • Uraguay

  • Diego Forlan

  • Jorge Drexler

  • Ruben Rada

  • Mario Benedetti

Add To This Page

This page is the product of student collaboration. If you want to contribute to the code base or just have a fun idea about additional functionality, reach out to a club officer on slack and they will invite you as a collaborator. Send any requests to the club email address at [email protected]

The source code can be found here.

This is a living document that it meant to be iterative. Each cohort can add and change it as they see fit. Talk to your staff member to see if contirubting to this or any other club website can be used as a final project for Foundations or Specialization.