Working With Unbounded Data Sets

Breaking Down NASA's Big Numbers

J. I. Cruz Ruiz


Unbounded data sets, the kind used by NASA and other Space agencies present unique challenges for sorting, storage, mapping, and retrieval. This article discusses common pitfalls and proposes a novel solution.

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Cracking DNA and data storage

Finding Data Storage Solution in Nature

John Kryzbek


Advances in DNA editing technology present an exciting prospect to solve big data storage

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It's all about fit

Jean de Richaud


Choosing the right database can have huge impacts on database architecture. Always make the right choice with these three rules to code by

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Decolonizing the Data

Eliminating Bias in Census Data

J. A. Thomas


In this special investigation, census data is mined for bias, with a special eye to discrimination faced by Native Americans. The sample ranges from 1920 - current

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Database Optimization for the 21st Century

The Best of All Possible Worlds

G. G. Bernal


A discussion of often overlooked optimization methods that every DBA should know

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The Coming Data Storage Crunch

Data Compression and Retention Policy into the Next Century

Michele Guichet


The geometric growth of data creates a long term problem for data storage. This will have to be addressed at the level of protocol as well as public policy

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Gender Bias in Large Data Sets

A Brief History

J. Hernandez


A historical view of gender bias in data gathering and storage using newly uncovered data caches from the middle of the 20th century

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Meet the Newest Data Type: the Braj

The New Data Type will have you Saying "What the Braj?"

M. Khalil


A new datatype has been prototyped that fills a needed role in the contemporary database

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5 Essential skills for any DBA

How to fast track leveling up from Jr. to Sr. DBA

Tabitha O’ Melay


Get in the know with 5 things that will get you hired and get you noticed

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