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AWS Dev Tools builds the tools that we all use for software development and CI/CD ... at least some of them :-). I'm leading a team (CodeStar) of impassioned developers trying to re-invent how we create, release, and iterate on software quickly and safely.

We're looking for engineers to build this out! If you have experience with different languages (Python, Go, Java, Node, etc...), different platforms (Linux, iOS/Android, MacOS, Web Apps), different workflow tools (JIRA, Circle CI, Pivotal Tracker, etc...), different organizations (startups, enterprises, governments, universities), I'd like to hear from you.

I come from a startup background and the rest of the team has varied skills - you will learn ALOT here. I'm also interested in talking to Product Managers or UX people with a strong interest in tools for building and shipping software.

Email me (Adam) a resume (or similar): adnelso @at

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