SRE / Infrastructure Engineer

  • Full time
  • remote
  • onsite

Yelp | SRE/Infrastructure Engineer | Full Time | San Francisco, CA | Onsite / Remote in North America |

Yelp is a popular review website with over 60 million monthly active users on our desktop site alone.

We're looking for SREs and Infrastructure Engineers to join our Production Engineering and Compute Infrastructure teams.

I'm one of the hiring managers on the Compute Infrastructure team. We're a diverse group of ~15 spread across California, London and Hamburg. We handle the clusters that run the stateless services that power the website, along with all of our Spark and batch processing infrastructure. Technologies we use include: Mesos and Marathon (we're one of the biggest open source users of Marathon), Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform and Puppet. Work on our team is very high impact and supports a large number of both internal and external users.

I'd love to talk to you if you're interested in a role on our team and have either experience in distributed systems, reliability engineering or any of the specific technologies we mention. Right now we're looking for engineers with 2 or more years of experience to join our team1.

If you're interested, please drop me an email at [email protected] with a brief note about why you're interested in this role and a resume.

1 If you have recently graduated, we'd love to consider you for our university program:

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