C++, C, Go, Python Developer

  • Full time
  • onsite

Cruise | San Francisco, CA (south bay only? reach out to me) | C++, C, Go, Python | Application & Embedded Engineers | Full Time | Onsite | http://getcruise.com/careers/jobs/?department=4h3y7X&team=42...

We’re building self-driving cars and they’re on the road right now driving around San Francisco and Phoenix. I’m an engineering manager on the Embedded Systems team which has a wider scope than you might first think. We work closely with the hardware, security, safety, frameworks, and fleet operations teams and span through FPGA logic, embedded OS, device drivers, first layer application code, embedded software deployment, vehicle start-up, and hardware-in-the-loop test rigs. Our code runs all over the car from custom devices (ECUs) to the high level brain handling higher level functions. We have a ton of open positions which are funded by both real dollars (salary) and equity and want you to help us work on this rewarding and highly visible challenge. Your work will be the foundational software upon which the rest of Cruise builds. If you want to audio/video chat or have any questions you can reach out to me directly by email - [email protected] If you’re ready to apply you can send me your resume or use the careers website http://getcruise.com/careers.

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