Full stack / Backend / Compiler

  • Full time
  • onsite

Lokad | Full stack, Backend, Compiler | Onsite | Paris, France | Full-time | https://www.lokad.com

Lokad is a bootstrapped profitable software company - close to 50 employees and growing fast - that specializes on predictive supply chain optimization. We are based in France, but the majority of our clients are outside France.

Supply chains remain wasteful and inefficient. We’re talking about roughly 15% of the worldwide economy: supply chains are vast, and double-digit improvements remain possible. We want to put supply chains on AI autopilot, and deliver above-human performance while doing so

Technologies used: C#, F#, Typescript, .NET Core, Linux

Find our more: https://www.lokad.com/software-engineering

I am the founder and CEO, you can contact me directly at [email protected]

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