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Eyenuk, Inc. | Software Engineers | Los Angeles, CA | ONSITE | VISA | Full-time |

Join us in building software platform to apply deep learning and robotics to help prevent blindness across the world. Eyenuk is global medical technology company that has developed a powerful retinal image analysis AI eye screening platform for detection of diseases. Eyenuk is on a mission to screen every eye in the world to detect and monitor life- and vision-threatening diseases including diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, glaucoma, cardiovascular and stroke risk, and Alziemer's disease.

Eyenuk's first product, EyeArt, is for fully autonomous AI eye screening system for detection of diabetic retinopathy. Anyone with diabetes is vulnerable to blindness that progresses without any pain or discomfort. Despite it's preventable nature, the condition, called diabetic retinopathy, is the leading cause of blindness in working age adults. Eyenuk has developed EyeArt, a SaaS offering, that automates the retinal disease screening process via automated analysis of retinal images and providing a screening referral outcome. EyeArt is a clinically validated on over 100,000 patients providing sensitivity that exceeds that of expert human graders. EyeArt has CE Marking (regulatory approval in Europe) and has completed prospective clinical trials for an FDA clearance. The results are exceptional:

You will join a passionate team at Eyenuk comprised of software and machine learning experts. We are hiring for multiple positions in the following two broad categories.

  • Full-stack software engineers (Python, Frontend, UI)

  • Algorithms engineer (machine learning, computer vision, deep learning)

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