Automotive Computer Vision Researcher

  • Full time

Algolux | Automotive Computer Vision Researcher | MTL, MUN, SF | Full Time

Automotive Computer Vision Researcher

You will be a key part of a team that is building breakthrough end-to-end perception stacks for autonomous vehicles. We are looking for candidates that are motivated to solve key imaging and computer vision problems that will enable robust robotics and sensing in adverse scenarios in the wild. The technology developed at Algolux is deployed at scale in vehicles and camera solutions.

We believe at interdisciplinary research at Algolux and candidates will be working with a diverse team of imaging, computer vision, optimization, physics, and optics experts. As part of this team we expect novel ideas to be published in major publications from time to time.

Develop and evaluate deep learning models in the wild.

Don't be satistified with solving toy problems. Solve the real problem in the wild.

Build compelling demos and illustrative results.

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